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Oy, welcome to The Rainforest Company - home of 100% natural, açai-packed snacks that delight your taste buds and boost your health, while giving our rainforests a big hug. Sounds good? Give it a try; it tastes even better!

Only Natural

No Sugar

with essentialVitamins & minerals

the rainforest

Yes, we dare! Because our BIO Açai Bowls can do way more than just taste delicious – they’re also a nutrient-rich treat that your gut will thank you for. Loaded with billions of beneficial cultures, each bite does wonders for your well-being. Plus, every purchase you make helps us to protect our precious rainforests. So, go on, give them a whirl.


Well, at least that’s the only way the açai berry can provide you with all of its amazing benefits even after a long journey from the rainforest. Freezing it in a puree captures its antioxidants, fibre, and omegas, ready to work their magic in your BIO Açai Bowl. Each spoonful supports not just your health, but our mission to protect rainforests too. Cool? Yes indeed. 


We can’t tell you that this is the most delicious chocolate bar in the world. We’ll let you be the judge of that. But what we can tell you is that, next to its 100% natural ingredients like fair-trade cacao, our beloved açai, and coconut sugar, it might have the biggest heart of all. It saved 3.5 trees, stored 58.77 kg of CO2, and provided jobs for rainforest farmers. Okay, you don’t have to give it a hug for that – a big bite would be a fair gesture.



It’s quite simple: We’re about protecting rainforests, nature and your health. Of course, we can’t save the world and we can’t save you. You’re the master of your own well-being. But hey, we’re here to support you! With health-boosting food that is 100% natural, nourishing for your body and tastes delicious. Who said healthy can’t be a treat? Let us show you the sweetness of good health in harmony with nature.


species protected in the region where we operate.


farmers families included into our ecosystem and provided access to economic opportunities by protecting the rainforest in Para, Brazil.


of our plastic is biodegradable and/or recyclable.


trees saved from deforestation in the area where we operate.

176,158 ha

of protected tree-covered land.


of our ingredients are sustainably harvested.


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