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We call ourselves the “Rainforest Protectors” because that’s what we are! No, we don’t believe in the "savior syndrome" and we certainly won’t ask you to buy one product so we can plant a tree. That would be too simple; a tree planted today would only have an impact in twenty years. But what has an immediate impact? Protecting the trees from being cut down. How can this be done? 

Very easily: just don’t cut them down. We are saving the rainforests of Brazil through sustainable harvesting, including the local communities and indigenous people of the rainforest in our ecosystem. By doing this, we provide them with a financial alternative, allowing them to make a good living by protecting the environment they call home.

Of course, we mustn’t forget our partners: the farmer families and indigenous people who are saving us by protecting the most valuable, diverse nature that the earth has given us.

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